Udenna Foundation Supports Farmers Through Its ‘Sagip Saka’ Program

May 22, 2020

Earlier this month, Udenna Foundation’s “Sagip Saka” program was able to help 100 farmers transport their ube and coffee produce from Mabato, Calamba, Laguna to buyers in Metro Manila. 

The location of the farmers already poses a challenge; the farm to the market road is not as ideal where the farmers are. The 4th run of the Sagip Saka project successfully delivered produce from Calamba, Laguna to Makati City. This is approximately 54 k.m. stretch of logistics aid. On May 2, the Sagip Saka project successfully delivered the produce (Ube and coffee) from Mabato in Calamba, Laguna to AGREA Move Food Initiative in Makati City.

The ‘Sagip Saka’ program was born out of our desire to help Filipino farmers bring their crops to markets where they are most needed. We understand that this is particularly difficult during the Enhanced Community Quarantine, so our partners and we are providing logistics services for free,” explains Udenna Foundation representative Tessa Artadi. 

Now on its 4th run, the Sagip Saka program was already able to help 1800 farmers nationwide.

Udenna Foundation, with the help of Chelsea’s Worklink and Phoenix Petroleum, dispatched a Worklink delivery truck to pick up and deliver the produce. At the same time, Phoenix Petroleum ensured that the car was serviced, fueled, and ready to go.

Artadi said that they would continue to support the logistics needs of farmers during ECQ. “Farmers are frontliners, too. And we at Udenna Foundation are willing to extend all the help that we can to help our farmers continue to earn a living during this critical period.” 


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